Which APT?

Which product is right for me?

which APT

Use APT 1 for tanks with more fish, fewer plants. Also for new tanks (<3 months) with aquasoil. Enjoy comprehensive nutrition without nitrates and phosphates for maximum algae control.

Use APT 3 for tanks with more plants, fewer fish. Enjoy 100% comprehensive macro, micro and trace minerals. Unique Capstone ratio unlocks richer colors and stronger growth.

Use APT e for heavily planted Dutch Style tanks and users who understand EI methodology. Supremely concentrated and expertly balanced.

APT Dosage

otal Dose in 1 week: this is the important target. It is the cumulative total amount that you should dose in one week. Plants do better with more uniform access to nutrients, so achieve this weekly target by dosing daily or a few times a week. Precision is less important than consistency.  

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