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AST Happy Fins X7 Aquarium LED Lamp Light

৳ 900.00
AST Happy Fins X7 Aquarium LED Lamp Light – Widely used, fish tank lighting, aquaculture, interior decoration lighting temporary table lamp. – Full beam, light balance. – Close to the sunlight color temperature, to the color reduction real nature, promotes the photosynthesis. – Hard engineering plastic integrated molding, strong and durable. – Universal movable metal elbow can adjust irradiation orientation to meet different lighting requirements. – Acrylic lamp shade, imported lamp beads.

DoPhin H80 HOB Filter

৳ 650.00
  • Mechanical and biological filtration in one system
  • Filter cartridge can be changed and displayed in one whole piece
  • Easy setup, easy maintenance and effective performance
  • Perfect for fresh and marine tank
  • Reliable, super performance, powerful
  • Compact, efficient, durable
  • Flow Rate: 185L/hr
  • Suitable Tank Size: 26-37L/7-10G

Glass CO2 Diffuser

৳ 300.00
Material: Glass Color: Transparent Glass Cup Diameter: Approx.26mm/1.02in Weight: Approx.20g

Sunsun ADE 500C Planted Aquarium LED Light

৳ 2,200.00
  • Famous Brand SunSun
  • Long-life Led and trouble-free.
  • Power: 24W
  • 7500K lumens
  • Slim Aluminium Design
  • Perfect for a new tank.
  • Good Heat Control.
  • Tank Length: 58-75cm
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz