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Ceramic Bar

৳ 60.00
  • Length - 6 inch.
  • Culture of nitrifying bacteria.
  • Durable and not easily powdered.
  • Stabilize the PH value of the fish tank.
  • Purify water and resist algae growth.
  • Scientific mix makes better filtering effect.
  • For freshwater and marine environment.

DoPhin H100 HOB Filter

৳ 850.00
  • Mechanical and biological filtration in one system
  • Filter cartridge can be changed and displayed in one whole piece
  • Easy setup, easy maintenance and effective performance
  • Perfect for fresh and marine tank
  • Reliable, super performance, powerful
  • Compact, efficient, durable
  • Flow Rate: 350L/hr
  • Suitable Tank Size: 50-70L/13-18G

SunSun HBL-803 External Hang On Canister Filter

৳ 2,800.00
  • Model:HBL-803
  • Voltage:220-240V
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Power:6W
  • Flow rate:800L/h
  • For 20-40cm aquarium tank
  • Size: 288x65x190mm

XINYOU XY -2902 Aquarium pump Sponge Filter

৳ 1,200.00
  • Model: XY-2902, Power: 5W Output: 450L/H Max. Lift: 0.8M Suitable for tanks: Upto 220 lts.
  • Made of eco-friendly sponge and non-toxic high quality plastic, safe and harmless to all fish.
  • Good filtering effect, can adsorb harmful substances and increase oxygen.
  • Adopted biochemical filtration, more effectively to filter impurities in the water and stabilize the quality of fish tank.
  • Designed with a submersible pump for filtration and water circulation. Suitable for water tanks and all small tropical fish tanks.