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Betta Bio-Gold 20g

৳ 440.00
(1) Premium select fish meal which provides a superior protein source (2) Astaxanthin and Spirulina which helps enhance coloration (3) Flavor attractants, like garlic, which promote rapid acceptance (4) A  high concentration of useable nutrients your betta longs for make this a daily diet perfectly suited for your fighting fish.

Biozym Fairy Shrimp

৳ 800.00
Feed 1-2 times a day,and it is advisable to finish eating within 5 minutes each time if not,please take it out in time to avoid affecting the water Net weight:20g Storage:store it in a cool and dry place Precaution:only for feeding fish Please keep out of reach of children

BIOZYM Marine Fish Food

৳ 1,400.00
  • This product is suitable is suitable for small and medium-sized marine ornamental fish.
  • It can keep the bright color of the sea fish , make the fish open mouth quickly and adapt to the environment.
  • Feeding only as much as your fish will consume within 3 to 6 minutes , 2 to 3 times per day.

First Bites 10g

৳ 215.00

Great For All Types Of Fry (Newborn Fish)

Rich in highly nutritious, freshly harvested ingredients including premium-selected fish meal which provides a superior protein source rich in amino acids. Hikari® Tropical First Bites® offer a uniquely balanced nutrient profile for the, all important, developmental stage of your fry's life and promotes proper feeding habits. This semi-floating food allows fry at all levels of the aquarium ready access to its exacting nutrition while reducing water quality issues common with other fry foods.

Hikari Marine MARINE A

৳ 1,200.00
  • Offers essential fatty acids and necessary high-level proteins as part of the scientifically balanced nutrition.
  • Contains clam extract which improves palatability, even finicky eaters will love it.
  • Offers seaweed meal and pure-cultured spirulina to meet the nutritional requirements of plant eating marine fishes, while providing them the nutrient sources they require to look like they just came off the reef.
  • A unique blend of necessary nutrients which help support immune system health.
  • Softens rapidly while triggering natural, instinctual grazing. The easily digested formula aids utilization thereby reducing waste output and helping to improve water quality with continued use.


৳ 1,000.00
  • Our technological expertise helped us develop the World's 1st pellet/wafer containing more than 67% natural seaweed!
  • This highly aromatic pellet/wafer, which softens rapidly when put in water, instantly attracts herbivorous species. Best of all the transition from Nori Algae is a snap.
  • The outstanding nutrient mix offers rapid growth and helps support immune system health while helping maintain coloration.
  • Ideal supplemental diet for most omnivorous species, including clownfish, damsels and butterflies.

Micro Pellets 22g

৳ 350.00
  1. Our unique "Micro Coating" eliminates nutrition loss and water clouding.
  2. The premium-select marine & vegetable protein mix is ideal for small tropical fish who require larger energy reserves.
  3. A balance of Krill and Spirulina offers vivid coloration.
  4. This precisely colored granule improves underwater visibility thereby resulting in more rapid acceptance with less uneaten food.
  5. A softer texture that's ideally suited for most smaller community tank fishes.

Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing 100g

৳ 950.00
  • Our unique combination of carefully selected color enhancing ingredients including; Spirulina, Marigold, Astaxanthin and Phaffia Dried Yeast offers extreme color enhancing capacity. More rapid coloration with deeper hues can be expected when compared to lower quality color enhancing foods.
  • The Hikari-Germ™ promotes more rapid digestion thereby reducing waste output while working to decompose it and thereby improving overall water quality, filter effectiveness and can reduce regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Higher levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin C offer immune system support.

Shrimp Cuisine 10g

৳ 330.00
  1. Contains vegetable matter herbivorous shrimp prefer, especially seaweed and spirulina.
  2. The carefully selected ingredient mix with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients offers those fundamental to proper ecdysis (shedding). Contains copper which is important for blood regeneration.
  3. Our proprietary manufacturing process helps us produce the world's smallest disc type pellet which is small enough for shrimp of all ages.
  4. Offers rapid assimilation, accelerated growth and proper form without clouding or negatively impacting your pet's environment.

Sinking Cichlid Gold 100g

৳ 350.00
  1. An excellent daily diet for cichlids and larger tropical fish formulated for desirable form with continued use.
  2. Includes the highest grade of carotenoid available today, offering superior color enhancement while helping your pet retain their beauty year round. Can also help restore vivid coloration to washed out specimens.
  3. High quality natural proteins in an easily digestible form, offer improved growth through efficient nutrient utilization.
  4. Offers a taste and texture your pet will eagerly accept.